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September 14, 2010

Episode-33- The Skinny on Video Tags for YouTube and other Video Websites

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A member at recently asked if I would please do a video and answer questions such as…

  • Why are tags important
  • How do you make YouTube tags with multi word phrases
  • What effect do tags have on video search
  • What effect do tags have on SEO in general
  • What effect does tagging have on “video associations”

Tagging is a simple but often overlooked aspect of video marketing and seo with YouTube video for the standard results on search engines like Google.  Tagging alone won’t work wonders on video but proper tagging with some forethought and key word research can take your video marketing to a higher level.

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    Jack! i was just complaining to my wife ( who is addicted to TSP now.. congrats!) that I was a little miffed that you hadn’t put anything new up in a while for 5MWJ.
    Then I look and there are 3 new episodes! yehaw. great stuff.
    This is keeping me so juiced up on my new blog, I can’t wait to reveal it to the community here!
    I’m filming about 15 episodes , first week of December down in Memphis, NOrleans , and Nashville– super excited to turn this thing loose.
    Still getting some of the ancillary stuff together ( woopra/analytics and hosting for file download for members)
    My brain hurts. Between learning Final Cut Pro, getting my shit together with the cameras, and still working during the day on music, I’m pleasantly fried.

    Keep it going man!


  • Connor

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    I like the amateur way better..It is easily explained…Maybe you should do a screen-shot showing the advance way using quotation marks..

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