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September 14, 2010

Episode-34- How to Effectively Reuse Your Previous Content

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A member recently asked about reusing your content specifically taking older blog posts and redoing them as podcasts.  There were wondering if this was a good idea and would it be effective as a marketing tactic.  I believe it is first of all because I have successfully done it but additionally consider the following…

  • Many new visitors to your site will not go back and read your early work
  • You “reuse” will not really be just a repeat because you now have new information
  • If you change the form (text to audio) you reach a new market segment
  • If you content is solid people will want to hear new angles on original work
  • You will be shocked how much “new” you can bring when you redo something “old”

The key is don’t just reuse the content bring new value add to the table and your audience will generally be quite happy to listen to or read your latest work.

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    What is the plugin you use for podcasting on wordpress? Thanks, Chad

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    Podpress Chad

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    Thanks Jack, I’ll get a good mic and start to experiment.

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    Reuse the posts of forum threads and social network stuff for a podcast. Don’t let it rest on FaceBook servers, blog and podcast it! Take local news and podcast.

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