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November 10, 2011

Episode-40- Lemonade My Ass

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Lemonade from Lemons is Letting Someone Else Make the Rules

Today’s episode is called, “Lemonade My Ass!”.  Sound odd or confusing, well it is pretty simple.  You know the old saying, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, that is what my statement is in response to.  Don’t get me wrong for people with an employee mindset “make lemonade” is fine advice but for entrepreneurs it is poison.  To make lemonade from lemons is literally to say that someone else sets and changes the rules and you must accept and adapt to the situation.

This is NOT what a true entrepreneur does, real entrepreneurs don’t make lemonade (unless they are selling it), they stomp on the lemon and leave it behind.  Real entrepreneurs break rules when they are in the way and write their own destiny.  Tune in today to hear exactly how you have to think, if that’s what you want in your life.

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    I agree. As an long time user of affiliate marketing I’ll say to new folks… don’t let affiliates control your business. You can still have affiliates for products you like and believe in, but don’t depend on it as a business model.

    OK Jack, you just said something at the end that caused me to get that queasy feeling in my gut that usually means I’m not doing something the way I know I should be doing it.

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      @Dene, really what was it? Do you not do any direct sales, if so, one word, eBooks.

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    @Jack, I’ve always thought of my sites as “informational” or “hobby” sites that I built as avenues to express and share my interests and as a way to do what I REALLY love to do, which is play around with web stuff. My first monetization came about by accident after I assisted a “self help guru” format an ebook and create an audio training series. I added them to my site as an affiliate and actually made some $$. That’s what sent me down the path of affiliate marketing and google adsense stuff. I quickly became frustrated with google and dumped them after less than a year, but continued to tinker with affiliate sales. The particular market that I was servicing was the Self Help, Law of Attraction, EFT market, which had not even seen it’s big boom yet. When the movie, “The Secret” came out, things went crazy! I thought I was actually onto something, but like most things that people do in a faddish way, LOA groupies eventually faded away. It was a good learning experience. I learned that putting yourself into the hands of the affiliate markets is pure folly. You have no real control.

    My cash flow comes from building websites for small businesses and even a few for some local municipalities. But I don’t really like doing that so much. I like building for myself, but I find that most people have what I call “Champagne taste with a Beer pocketbook”. 😉

    I do a lot of free work for folks just for the joy that it brings me to help people out who really just don’t know where to start on a website. However, after listening to you for a few years, I really want to turn a website into a money maker that could possibly support my family.

    I recently signed a partnership agreement with a local business person to start an online business, which is a HUGE learning experience for me. It’s the first time that I’ve been able to do what I enjoy AND have the monetary backing of an investor. I still think there’s something out there, though, that I can have that’s all my own. Still contemplating it..

    on your one word .. eBooks.. you may need to extrapolate on the topic with me some time.. I’m intrigued.

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      @Dene, come on your a subject matter expert with a following write a few and sell them. That is direct income. Also may I point out you do have direct income, your clients are direct income. Still with all the traffic you have not selling something to them directly is wasteful.

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    I’ve had one idea bouncing around along those lines. But an expert? Me? Really? really… ?

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      An expert knows more then the average person about a given subject.

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    hmm….. very good. thanks Jack!

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