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November 11, 2011

Episode-41- Why Passion is the Key to Success

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Four months ago I interviewed a guy named MJ Demarco on The Survival Podcast.  He is the author of a book called, The Millionaire Fastlane.  One of the subjects we discussed was if following your passion was a good idea in business.  He came down solidly in the camp of no, of course I felt exactly the opposite.  Tune in today to hear why even MJ eventually conceded that I was correct and even he way following his passion.

Tune in today to hear…

  • What romantic relationships teach us about passion in business
  • Why only true passion is strong enough to drive you to success
  • The start reality in a one man business, nothing happens unless you do it
  • Why you really could build a business based on something stupid like Smurfs
  • How the internet can make a mental illness profitable
  • Why your site isn’t worth much in the first 6 months but that is when you have to work the hardest
  • The concept that a website is “internet real estate” and what that means

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    Dude.. You’re making me laugh until I cry.
    I wasn’t up at 2:30.. it was 4:00… and I feel like I’m transitioning from my Big Wheel to my bicycle this week and I’m probably going to be in need of a huge box of band aids.

  • Raymond “Shorty” Butler

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    I am running into a roadblock that I haven’t figured my way around. I am labeled as unemployable, by the VA, and can show no income. How do I beat this? Giving up is not an option and lets face it our economy isn’t looking very bright. I have loved to work all my life and I know there is something I can do to help out my very local economy, but the income thing stops it every time. Any ideas?


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      I don’t know may be set up a corp in a spouses name, you do the work but she takes the distributions? Talk to a lawyer, there is always a way.

  • MJ DeMarco

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    Ha Ha I concede — I have a passion for entrepreneurship and not having to wake up to an alarm clock — that passion is generalized and can translate to many industries and opportunities. However, I still firmly believe that the MARKET is the ultimate judge-n-jury on ideas; passion can help an entrepreneur be exceptional in any giving market, hence, leading to distinction in the marketplace; this is required to rise above the noise of competition and succeed. Great take Jack!

  • Michael

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    I hope you keep driving this road to work for a very long time. I enjoy the 5 min. I try to see what I can apply from your rants to my business. I need the internet to replace the sales people I have always used…..

  • Chris

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    MJ has done a video about this post. You can see it here:

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      Yeah, Chris I got that email too.. I watched the video and just smiled. I like MJ Demarco’s book- I purchased it right after Jack’s podcast interview, and I agree with him that one must have a product that is in demand.. but I also understand what Jack is saying. Without passion for what you are doing, face it.. most people just won’t do it. And passion is ALWAYS a component, because maybe you aren’t passionate about the business you are in, but you are passionate about MONEY, or passionate about THINGS, or passionate about a LIFESTYLE, and that passion is what will drive you to build a site about a topic that you have no interest in, but you know will kick ass in the marketplace. But I come back to the fact that most people aren’t wired to do stuff they don’t like to do. So, in a sense, Jack and MJ are both right. People have to want what you are selling, but passion has to be in there somewhere.. either in the product or in the desire to succeed.. otherwise you just continue to punch a clock.

      The whole business model that Jack talks about here is entirely different than MJ’s work. Instead to trying to sell a product, Jack talks about first selling yourself to an audience. And once you establish that relationship and trust, you follow that up with products or services that your fans would like, and actually NEED.. if your audience has searched you out, they are looking for something and found it in you. I feel like MJ’s advice follows the more traditional business model that says “If you build it, they will come… ” You find a need, fulfill it better than your competitors or in a different way than your competitors, and the marketplace will reward you.

      I love the debate! Each time the topic is volleyed back into the others court, both of these great teachers move past speaking in generalities and dig more into the “meat” of success. And since both are doing a fine job in their own businesses, I’m willing to listen..

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      @Chris looks like the beginning of a friendly feud, YouTube video rebuttal currently uploading.

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