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November 14, 2011

Episode-42- Why Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur is a Noble Pursuit

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I firmly believe that becoming a a successful entrepreneur with a sustainable business that pays all their bills is one of life most noble of all pursuits.  The simple fact is that many people have a negative view of money and business owners, such people are generally destined to remain slaves to a system of employment until they become slaves to some sort of pension system.  The problem is those people tend to think that they are some how more noble or benevolent than those who build something of their own.

The reality is if you want to have the freedom to always follow your own moral principles 100% of the time, 100% of the way you want to requires freedom.  To me building a life where you can always stick to your principles is very noble.

Tune in today while we discuss…

  • What freedom really is
  • The black line most people will never cross
  • The thick gray line around the black one and the misery factor it creates
  • Why some people feel they “can’t afford” to stick 100% to their principles
  • How a belief that “keeping a job” is noble holds many people back
  • How a successful business eliminates the temptation to cross into your gray area
  • A lesson from my father, fire customers when they violate your principles
  • Why everyone has morals, even criminals and the role such morals play in our lives


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    Throughout history EVERYONE was an entrepreneur, unless they were slaves. There were even periods of history where the slaves were still allowed to have a business.

    Only in the late 19th and 20th centuries has the idea of becoming an employee become the norm.

    Of course as someone who makes his living from network marketing I disagree to an extent… but believe me I have fired customers and even fired distributors who weren’t worth my time.

    For that matter I’m even prepared to fire the company and move on to another network marketing company if need be. I’ve been working on building my own brand and web sites so I’m not tied down to one company.

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    I thought you might be talking about me there at the beginning.

    Heaven help me, I’m trying.


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    Back when most people were self-employed, I don’t think there was a problem with unemployment.

    Flip side, my oldest son turned down some VC’s who were willing to fund him in starting a new company because they would have control of his company and he was concerned about having to compromise his values. Because of the reputation he has built for himself employment is not a problem and he has much more freedom than if he took the VC’s offer.

    He wanted his kids not to grow up in CA but near family, nor did he want long office hours past 7 pm, he doesn’t mind traveling out of town occasionally to speak, so when his last contract was complete he looked at numerous job offers and choose the one where the work itself was something he very much wants to see done, and gave him the flexibility to work from home wherever he wants to live and pays very well. Much that same sustainable lifestyle, although he still plans on having his own smaller business in the future where he owns the controlling interest. Wanting to build up some cash reserves first.

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