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November 17, 2011

Episode-45- A New Look at the 1000 True Fans Model

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Technium ran an article a few years back called 1000 True Fans and it was a big hit with internet based entrepreneurs.  The reason was simple, it took what seems like a huge task, (earn a living doing what you love) and broke it down into an easy to understand and very doable concept.  Simply put if you get 1,000 people that will spend one years salary on you per year, you have a reasonable income and one most people can easily live on.

The author has down two follow up pieces and even is willing to perform a critical analysis of his own work, (something very few people are willing to do.  The follow up pieces are…

These follow up pieces and other objections I have read to the model got me thinking.  The reality is 1,000 True Fans does work, I have done it.  There are some key holes in the idea though and today I discuss how to fill them.

On another note I went out and go a Plantronics Head Set and a Sony Recorder yesterday.  Today’s show uses the new gear and should provide you a much better audio experience.  So much for iPhone Podcasting!

Some of the key holes in the 1,000 True Fans Model include…

  • 1,000 should be a base not a finish goal
  • You have to produce enough new merchandise per year or back fill new fans
  • Some fans will “fall out”, you have to out build your attrition
  • Your 1,000 fan based income should be one component of your income not your sole income stream
  • Your fans must never be taken for granted
  • There must be a greater focus on your “lesser fans”
  • True fans must be conditioned to be your “champions” and become self replicating
  • Jake

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    I agree. Now… How do you actually get those thousand true fans and how do you get them telling others? Producing great content is awesome, but if no one ever sees it, it doesn’t matter.

    Is adwords the best way to go?

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      @Jake, well you could start with the basic SEO from the article I wrote last week. That would be one, yea you can buy some traffic, too.

      That said and I know you don’t want to hear this but it is true, I have never met a person who put out one piece of great content a day for 180 strait days and then had no traffic.

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    Jack, I can’t tell you how much you coming back and doing these means– thanks! Question: can you suggests few other sites that you re familiar with, that you know or think are successful ? Always helps to examine and deconstruct a great model. Thanks for your tips- very inspirational.

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      Look at Bryan Blacks site

      There really isn’t a secret to this stuff…

      1. Believe in and have passion for what you do
      2. Do it 100% EVERY day
      3. Learn a bit more every day
      4. Repeat

      Sure Bryan’s site is awesome, looks great, has cool stuff and he is good at branding. Yet the number one reason it is successful is go there today, new post, go there tomorrow, new post, go there Monday, new post. Go into the archives and go back three years, guess what? Every single day, well every work day anyway.

      Look at Gary V with Wine Library, sure he just retired from the wine reviews but for years a new one every day, not most days, not on occasion, not weekly, daily.

      Tell you what guys you show me sites and I will tell you what they are doing right and wrong but in the end, in the Personal brand space the successful are always consistent.

      Putting it another way, here are the top 100 blogs on Technorati

      Can you show me one with less then one new story a day?

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