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November 18, 2011

Episode-46- More Thoughts on Site Monetization

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After yesterdays show on monetizing websites I got a lot of additional questions.  So I decided to go more in depth on the topic.   Join me today as we discuss things like using the knowledge of proper landing pages to better sell advertising on your website.  I will also discuss some other third party revenue opportunities.

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    Thank you for starting 5 mins again. I needed this to kick me in the but. It is hard to work 60+ hours and start an online business. Your example is my motivator. I owe you a beer actually several.
    PS bought my first Berkey filter this week thanks to you.
    Jeff is awesome

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    Awesome podcast. I need to create a better landing page. That is the gist of it, right? I’ll get on it this weekend. Thanks again Jack.

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