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November 22, 2011

Episode-48- What’s the Deal with Empire Avenue

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Empire Avenue is a Virtual Stock Market for Social Media

I Figured I would squeeze in one more episode of FMWJ before the holiday.  Today we discuss Empire Avenue, which is a virtual stock market that quantifies the value of online social capital via feedback and activity.  When I first saw this platform I figured it was just another stupid time wasting game, you know like Farmville and such.  The reality though is to me at least it is a valuable tool for keeping track of your activity as a blogger and in social media.

The reality is Empire Avenue simply puts a score on activity you should be doing anyway.  Such as engaging on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube with your community.  I also think more powerful analytics will eventually emerge from Empire Avenue, if you want to sign up and pick up some shares of my stock, our Ticker Symbol is TSPC.  See you at the Empire!

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