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July 10, 2010

Episode-5- Understanding the Long Tail of Search Marketing

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So what is the long tail, it is really a concept that effects any large scale distribution environment.  Consider the book market, at any one time the best sellers list accounts for a huge amount of daily book sales.  Yet there are millions of other books that each sell perhaps only one or two copies a month.  However collectively there are more books sold by the collective “long tail” than are sold by the collective top 100.

With search phrases on Google and other search engines it works the same way.  Certain terms like “cell phone” have huge search volumes but are also highly competitive.  Yet a term such as “cell phone service in Gary Indiana” may only get a few dozen searches a month.  By carefully targeting say a few dozen to a few hundred highly relevant long tail terms to your website over say 6 months it is relatively easy to build at least a basic search engine presence in any nice.

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    AWESOME. I did this for a client who wanted to move up in the search engines for his local accounting practice.. he went from showing up on page 3 in google to being Number 1 in local listings for his area. Getting specific on description terms and text within his page made all the difference.

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    Hey hon. Just so you know, episodes 5 & 6 are not showing up on iTunes.

  • JackSpirko

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    @tiffany, Yea I know I thought Mevio made everything into a MP4 after upload sort of like the process Youtube does that you don’t see behind the scenes. Since a WMV is better quality than a MP4 I rendered a few that way, won’t do it again but it would toss the feed order out of wack to go back and fix it so if people want those ones they have to come here.

  • Josh

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    Episodes 5 & 6 are not available via iTunes, any idea why that is? Awesome addition to TSP. Thank you for all you do, with helping others and inspiring them to succeed.

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    @Josh, Um, LOL, read my comment directly above the one you just made ;>)

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    Jack, you probably already know about this tool, but for those who do not, a great resource for SEO analysis of your site is Google Webmaster Tools.

    This will allow you to track your site’s ranking for keywords, impressions for search queries with click rates, links to your site, and a lot more. You can also submit a sitemap if you don’t have a robots file, and analyze your site for problems (crawl errors). This along with Google Analytics is extremely powerful, and completely free!

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    @Brandon good stuff and for those that don’t have a site map…

    1. Get the google site maps plugin if you use WordPress it will do it for you.

    2. If you don’t have word press and for what ever reason can’t use it, this will build you one

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