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December 1, 2011

Episode-51- Money – Is it Abundent or Scarce in Your Mind?

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Money is Abundent only The Mind is Limited

Money is Abundant in the Mind of the Entrepreneur

Most people even many who are “upper class” will always see money as scarce or at least “scarce for them”.  When such people remain employees for their entire lives changing this view is almost impossible.  The employee mindset is one of monitary scaricity and often subject to control with nonsense like “class warfare” as in the poor want what you have and the rich are why you don’t have more.

If you think this way, bluntly let me advise you to pull your head from you ass!

The best way to do that is to become a successful entrepreneur.  Once you do that your paradigm changes.  You begin to truly understand the power of leverage as it works for vs. against you.

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    Jack, a great show once again and I’m super excited that you are doing the show again. I stole the code from your social media icons because I’m not a coder and couldn’t figure out how to get the icons onto my wordpress site without it looking horribly unprofessional… I hope you don’t mind =D

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      @Chris, well it is basic html so you are not steeling it. That said you really need to be sure you replaced the links with your own and you really should move the images to your own server just for seo purposes but they are stock images so have fun modifying and using the code.

  • Chris Stelzer

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    @Jack, yes I did change the links and moved the images to my server. Thanks again.

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    Jack this post took me back to my roots as a fan of another popular “Jack”.. Jack Canfield. He was the first to articulate “lack mentality” in a way that hit home for me. With so much conditioning, it’s tough to stay focused on abundance and its availability to us and an exercise that I still work on daily.

    Thanks again,

  • Andy

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    Jack, What email management software do you use/would recommend? Aweber? iContact? etc…enjoying the fact that your “five minutes” is more like fifteen, Thx! Andy

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    Jack. Trying to figure out where I fit in as far as being a self employed person who unlike the drywaller is selling a hard product. I’ve always realized that earning a living as an employee is limited to the number of hours you have to sell, and unlike working for yourself, you are limited to the number of hours they are willing to buy.
    My idea of being an entrepanuer is being responsible to yourself and your customer. I don’t see myself as being an employee to my current customer as customers come and go quickly. Yet I am still beholden to these customers on a long term basis to insure my reputation.
    I have been listening to your 5 w/Jack since you started back up and have gone thru your archives and am still trying to justify my time and energy going the blog route, especially at my age (late fifties). I guess I’m really trying to justify not doing it.
    I’m not sure that trying to sell a hard product will work as well as selling your Brand via a blog. You seem to be geared more toward creating a presence in the blog world and marketing off of that. Do you think that would work as well,for the time invested, in marketing a product that doesn’t seem to be geared to online sales?
    Thanks for your podcast. Eternally confused

  • craig

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    Jack, do you use a membership plugin for Survival podcast, ala “Wishlist” or “Amember”?

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