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December 5, 2011

Episode-52- Physical Products and Personal Branding

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I know I have given most of you the feeling that I don’t like physical products as an entrepreneur.  That really isn’t the case at all, it is simply more accurate to say that I prefer informational or soft products for the online business model.  There are many reasons but the biggest is that you can easily scale up even as a one man show with out a lot of complexities and expenses.  Meaning I can sell 10 or 200 eBooks and other then perhaps some customer service stuff I don’t have to do any more work.  I can even sell 5,000 and not really do any more work.  Hell I can sell 10,000, etc.

That doesn’t mean that physical products don’t have some real advantages when done properly.  I discuss quite a few of these today.  However, what really spawned this episode was the contention that personal branding, blogging, etc. doesn’t really work in the physical product industry.  Of course the reality is every business needs to be in the social media, blogging, etc space.  What often gives people the view that it “doesn’t work” is quite simply that the corporate people doing it today are self absorbed idiots.  So people figure if a Fortune 500 company isn’t getting results, neither will they.  Don’t make this mistake!

To be blunt just because a guy with a Master’s Degree is an idiot doesn’t mean you have to be one too!

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    Jack, Good points made today. I’m reading the 4 hour work week right now, and Tim seems to talk a lot about selling physical products, and outsourcing everything involved in maintaining the business, which seems more expensive/risky. I think I just realized how great it is to create “soft products” or informational ones while taking things the 4HWW preaches into consideration. Scalability and flexibility are huge. I love the fact that you could do this show, and TSP, from anywhere in the world. I want that kind of freedom too, thanks for the insight today.


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    I know you interviewed MJ DeMarco and have had a few spirited debates, but did you completely read his book? This is one page you guys do share.


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    @Chris, I really like MJ but on the book he still hasn’t sent me a copy. He said he was going to so I didn’t buy one.

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      Gotcha…. I just posted the link for this episode on his FB Wall.. I’m sure he will be by and a book soon to follow.
      And sincerely, thank you for the podcasts, introducing me to the world of Gary Vaynerchuk and a better idea about Entrepreneurship.


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    Jack. Thank you so much. Looks like I now have something to do this winter. Continue building a brand. You make the hurdles look smaller and the payoff better. Associated products,imagine that. This is why I listen to you.

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    I’m still listening to this but ..
    My view on this, is purely that if you want to sell something, you still need someone to sell to. I will admit I am just starting out building my audience, but I will still need to have people who are interested in what i want to sell, and to whom my products are relevant ( ’cause lets be honest, not relevant = no sale )
    To be clear, I am looking at primarily physical product, with informational products surrounding and supporting.
    A different definition of commercial permaculture?

  • Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0 is that better Jack. Thanks again

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    sorry the above post was meant to be to episode 53

  • Ttrinity Anderson

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    Great post! Thank you for sharing!
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