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December 8, 2011

Episode-55- Finding your Vision Without Airy Fairy Bullshit

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That’s right we are going to talk about creating your vision with out any airy fairy bullshit “believe and attract” manifestation nonsense.   While I actually believe in “the law of attraction” as in attracting opportunity that is a subject for another day.

Today we are going to examine yet another reason small entrepreneurs burn out and just don’t make it or don’t remain consistent in building their future.  The reality is most people don’t know what they would do with themselves once they become successful.  This one is gonna kick you folks even though I won’t be the one doing the kicking, it is gonna make you kick yourself.  I want to know who gets “the answer” before I gave it to you today?  The answer to the question, what do we need to have a vision of?

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    My son often gets asked how to make the kind of money he makes programming. I’ve watched him ask what do they know, what have they done, etc. Then he asks do you enjoy programming? Often the answer is not particularly, it is a way to pay the bills and I want more of that. Then he tells them yes they can make money programming, there are jobs in whatever languages he tells them, but that they’ll never make the big money because they don’t love it enough to go through what it takes to get where he is at.
    He explained how while working, supporting a family, going to school he’d stay up at night experimenting, trying new things, learning new ways to program not taught in any schools yet, writing open source programs, giving them away, working for free, helping others. He was speaking at an event and was asked how he built such a large library of code in a short time. His answer was sometimes “I can’t sleep at night, I have to write code.”
    To help anyone find their passion ask “what keeps you awake at night?”

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      @Heidi, I wonder if your son might be interested in writing code for my project in return for an ownership stake?

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    I checked, not something he could do because of his current contract, he can work on his existing projects on the side but not anything new. He is connected to many programmers on twitter. If you have a link he could send out, he could see if any of his contacts are interested. Thanks for asking.

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      @Heidi that makes me sad and you know why, when I read this, “that they’ll never make the big money because they don’t love it enough” I knew I wanted him to work with me. Damn!

      Yea if he can refer someone I am willing to do a pretty nice chunk of equity. We hired a coder he started the project and went dark, we are using the report function in paypal to get our money back.

      I now want a coder who is cause and ownership driven. I want someone that will take ownership by actually being an owner. I am willing to dilute my own shares to do this as I have no plans to ask the other two shareholders to dilute theirs. I want someone with a passion for coding and mad skills who will work now to make a system that can change the way people choose what they eat and who they buy their food from.

      The financial upside is potentially huge here but the work must come first. It isn’t that I won’t pay someone, it is simply that isn’t working. Giving a piece of the pie seems a better way to go on this. One of my other partners is an Attorney so our legal and finance management is sound, my other partner is an MD in the military he is kind of doing the project management. With his credentials we can give solid science when we discuss nutrition. Of course I have a mini media empire of over 25,000 people who care about what they eat to go with all this.

      All we need is the right talented and driven coder.

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        A year and a half ago, Tim could have done this. Timing.

        Just as Dene doesn’t enjoy doing websites for banks and housing authorities, I know a programmer (son-in-law) who doesn’t love programming for doctors and radiologists (current job- C sharp). He’d love to get behind something such as agri-true. Doesn’t have the mad programming skills of Tim who can do anything including writing a new language, they do talk to each other. There are others like him. Question is what kind programming do you need? Ability to do what?

        Tim has well over 2000 programmers who follow him to learn stuff. He needs something like a url he could point them to explaining search for cause and ownership driven coder, but also needs something about what kind of skills are needed.

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    I was awake at 3AM this morning, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out how to turn down web design work that keeps coming in. What a terrible problem, right? It is a problem because I’m losing the TIME that I want to be doing something else, but feel guilty for giving up the money. I feel like I’m giving up my real goals and projects that I want to work on in exchange for doing something for someone else who doesn’t really appreciate the work, on projects that have no personal meaning to me, and it’s just not something I want to do anymore. It was a good transition from my 15+ years in hospital I.T., and it’s gone on for about 5 years now and helped me get home with my kids and back on the farm doing more of what I love, but now I want to make the next transition. I’m becoming more and more possessive of my TIME.

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      @Dene, paying bills is important, sounds like you need less work for the same money. And how could one make that happen easily? How could you instantly do about half the design jobs and make about the same money and reclaim half the time during your transition? The answer is sooooooo simple.

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        I know I know I know.. UGH. Here’ the thing. I’m putting in a crap load of time on a start-up right now, which is fine because I enjoy the design process, which makes the work FUN.. AND I know that the hard work on my end comes now, but later I step back to a supporting role and my partners take over. Then, once the business starts coming in, I make money. Woo hoo! Cake! That’s not my problem.

        I also have my personal website and I’m eeking out every minute I can to work on it and I’m trying to do the stuff you talk about, which really challenges me, and I love that too.

        But since I got into a partnership, it opened a door to a whole new clientele base for web work.. new contacts, people finding out what I do.. so they are calling me, and I should be grateful for the work, but I keep looking at it and seeing it as a big sucking vortex on the time I want to be spending on something else.

        I just need to learn to say NO without guilt. I still have a case of “employee mentality”.

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          @Dene, NOPE, wrong. You need to filter the clients you take and end up with the filter knocking out about 50% that choose not to use you. You want to keep your best clients and get really good new clients only. You want them to do the filtering for you and you now value your time more. Come on young padawan, what do you do?

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    raise my fees.

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      @Dene and isn’t that simple, I say about doubling them will do the trick.

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        but.. but…… but……. but………Yoda…!

        Can’t I build sites for my self-sufficiency friends on topics I like, and somehow money will fall from the sky? I’m just not interested in Banks and Housing Authorities and Municipalities. Boring Boring Boring

        I would gladly help people all day long on building their own sites, FOR FREE if I could do it on a topic that I love like farming, or gardening, or self-sufficiency, etc.. if I could find money some other way. That’s why I’m working on the ebook idea (actually that has spawned a couple of ebook ideas). Am I just burned out Jack? Is my anti-socialness coming back to the forefront from too much interaction with new people, taking me out of my comfort zone?

        I dunno. I think I just need sleep.

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    one day, inflation will make us all millionaires 🙂

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