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December 12, 2011

Episode-57- How I Record, Edit and Publish Podcasts

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I have just been getting a ton of “how do I” style questions around podcasting lately.  I am going to do the best I can with these as explaining technical mechanics on an audio show isn’t the easiest thing to do, the key is the resources and the concepts.  Trust me a Youtube or Google search will review the how today of just about anything if you know what you are looking for.   Hence today I will focus mostly on the what and the why and trust that the motivated individual will find the how.  I will also of course absolutely answer any questions below and perhaps do another episode based on follow up questions to this one.

Resources mentioned today…

  • My MP3 Recorder I use for FMwJ
  • Samson C01U Condenser Microphone – what I use for desktop recording
  • Audacity – Free program I use for recording
  • Skype – What I use to conduct interviews
  • Pamela – How I record Skpe Interviews
  • Levelator – How I level the volume of multi person podcasts with big differentials.  Note levelator only works with dot wav files so you will have to convert back to a mp3 before publishing, it is worth the extra step and besides the computer is the one doing the work.
  • PodPress – It is best just to search for it in “Add New” under plugins in WordPress
  • FeedBurner – For optimized feeds
  • Smart FTP – FTP Program I personally use, most of them are fine though.


  • Ben

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    Thanks Jack! I like the idea of Levelator, but when you get really heated on TSP it doesn’t sound like there is any compression. At times I think my eardrums will burst as you rant about the ass-clowns. Is Levelator supposed to address this too, or just expanding lower levels of audio and not compressing high sound pressures? Thanks for all you do!

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      @Ben I have no idea I ONLY use Levelator with a multiperson show like with a call in or interview show. So the stuff you are talking about has likely not been levelated,

  • Magnus

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    Hi Jack.

    What I understand a dynamic microphone, like Heil PR40 (used by Leo Laporte) and Shure SM58 is better than a condenser microphone for podcasting because a condenser microphone pics up more background noise. But it is much better than a headset.

    There’s also another plugin Podpress for WordPress Blubbry PowerPress which I know is widley used.

    What I understand it’s better, for constant bitrate, to use iTunes for rendering an mp3-file than using Audacity with Lame. Lame is better if you’re using variable bitrate, which may not be supported by older mp3-players.

    Daniel J. Lewis talks about it here and in previous episodes to.

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    Another option for FTP is Filezilla. Free, open source and multiple platform.

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  • jhambley

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    You mentioned using a vendor called “Call 8”. Can you provide more info on this service?

  • JoePrepper

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    I noticed that when using wordpress and upgrading to a .com domain name you can no longer install plug ins. In particular I was looking at PodPress and cannot find a way to add it to my blog site. There is not a plug ins icon in my dashboard and wordpress forums claim that their plug ins cannot be used with .com add’s. Anyone got an answer..

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      @JoePrepper, I really don’t understand what you are saying. All my blogs tend to be dot coms I just don’t get what you are saying.

  • JoePrepper

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    I was confused as well.

    Apparently the problem is I chose to upgrade my account to a .com domain through the actual site. It is ran by the same people, but apparently their .com accounts cannot use the wordpress free plug ins and such. My understand is that if I had purchased the .com domain from a different hosting site then I could still use thier(WP) plugins with thier free blog software, and the new host site would do the redirect.

    Damn confusing if you ask me, but it was explained by no less than 3 reps from several countries so it must be true.

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    The whole .com thing with wordpress is confusing, here is a support link explaining it but you probably heard this before. It really doesn’t make sense to me, I use hostgator, they have great support too. Jack has hostgator banners both on TSP and 5 Minutes with Jack. Hope this helps some.

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    Okay now I get the issue you are using the domain “by proxy” just like you can do with say blogspot. Again my advice, get real hosting, get your site on your domain, on your server and OWN IT. It is your business, don’t leave your business in someone else’s hands.

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    Just wanted to put in another word for Filezilla as a free FTP client, and mention Prism Video Converter (free) if you ever need to convert video for vLogs. Free is my favorite price (frugal and all ya know)

  • JoePrepper

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    Got the issue resolves with WordPress. I went with hostgator as suggested and will transfer my .com domain to them. The real issue was upgrading my domain to .com and allowing to host. BEWARE!!! They are great but do not support plugins with wordpress software just thier proprietary built in software.(albeit cool stuff)

    Now that Hostgator is hosting the site…I got all the plugins I want. Ironically enough…JETPACK which offers alot of the built in stuff is also availible there for wordpress users. Go Figure.

    If your new to wordpress and this is confusing…just erase it from memory. 🙂 Happy Prepping!

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