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December 13, 2011

Episode-58- Email, The Orginal Social Media?

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Social media is king today it seems, everyone now accepts that FaceBook and Twitter are part of any good marketing plan.  I remember not long ago talking to corporate executives who told me things like…

  • FaceBook is just for kids
  • YouTube is amateurish our video needs to be hosting on our site
  • Twitter doesn’t make sense for a “real” business

What I attempted to communicate to these people was that “social media” was simply the evolution of how people communicate.  I often explained how email transformed every business and it seemed their memory of a business without email had been erased along with similar objections that came up when email first surfaced.

Well, of course today we are mostly past this stage, every catalog that comes in the mail for the Christmas season will likely have social media icons on them.  But was I own to something even back then, was email the first social media?

More importantly to us as marketers, what does this communications evolution mean to us in how we market our sites and our personal brands?  Tune in today to find out my thoughts on this.

  • Jake

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    So how do you suggest we brand our email capture?

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    I swear you are looking over my shoulder and watching me do everything wrong. this podcast is what i needed. If you ever need ideas for your show you can visit my site haha. I am changing everything around. Thank you

    Jake – on TSP he uses Get Notified.

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      Don’t feel bad… you should see my site. Your site looks great by the way. I’d like to offer a bit of constructive criticism… even though you didn’t ask, and my website looks much worse than yours. So here it goes. I think the text inside the buttons on the left hand side of your page is hard to read. Yes, it looks cool, but maybe you could choose a similar font that is easier to read? Anyway just a suggestion. Keep up the great work on your site. I’m jealous!

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        Thank you! I don’t mind at all! today was my last day of finals for the semester and I will be reworking my site completely during winter break. Right now I challenged myself to jack to post every business day so design is no longer my main concern until i get the chance. :)I got your site up and saw the agricultural and already hooked my interest. On my way to work but will be up late checking it out.

    • Jake

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      I actually had installed an email capture widget that said “newsletter” the day before this episode went out… So yeah I have the same feeling lol.

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        haha Im glad he is standing over all our shoulders :). I just didnt know any better.

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    So.. I’m sitting at my desk, working on one of my projects and listening to Jack talk about email capture and he says my name.. UH OH! I thought I was going to get a public thrashing.. LOL

    My mailing list has always been neglected and unhealthy. However, my facebook fan page is alive and thriving. Facebook is where most of my community lives, and the ones who aren’t there are subscribing to me via feedburner or my email list. And now I think I’m good with that. One thing I am trying to do with facebook is allow the fan base to grow organically. I want people to find me there because they like what I’m doing and want to participate. However, I do think there are some ways that I can make my page more “findable” by the people who might like what I have to say.

    Hearing Jack join the two together allows me to think of social media as a viable part of my “list”, and escape from the paradigm of insisting on a “newsletter” group… although I stopped promising newsletters years ago.

    Good show.. Maybe I’ll get used to hearing my name on a podcast someday.. maybe…

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