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December 14, 2011

Episode-59- Defining Success

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What doe success mean?  Is it a number?  Sadly on some levels yes, happily you get to pick the number based on what you want it to be.

Join me today for…

  • How I define success
  • The hidden expenses of self employment
  • The impact of health insurance
  • Measuring your income monthly based on a daily metric
  • The pay grade considered “the happiness number”
  • Why you don’t always leave a job when you hit your number
  • Creating fall back funds
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    Yep, insurance is the primary reason we always keep one of us on the work treadmill. Carrying our own insurance for a family of four and one person with a preexisting condition is very high. I’m not going to allow that to be a permanent roadblock, but it is a concern.

    The best advice I’ve gotten today is getting my hands out of my other projects! Starting today, my other blog sites are on hold. Plus I’m almost to a point where I can step back to a supportive role in my partner venture, which has been absorbing every minute I can spare and encroaching on sleeping, kids, family, farm, everything that I supposed to be doing this for.. but I know it’s temporary.

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      @Dene, Yeah insurance is getting ridiculous. My wife is a teacher, and teachers have been known to have really good, albeit unrealistic, benefits. Well, due to the “recession” the district benefits have been cut back. She has full dental, vision, and health and we only pay $20 a month. However, when we looked into add me onto the medical plan, it was going to be $289 a month! I found an individual plan for $140 a month, which is still a s**tload of money.

      Thanks to myself and Jack, my wife is considering starting her own podcast on teaching Physical Education. If she decides to jump ship we will get an HSA and High Deductible Health Plan, like Jack described.

      Good advice on focusing on one idea/enterprise at a time, good luck!

  • joe

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    Hey Jack,
    What if you already make a 100K in you daily grind? Where should I set the bar, I know what I think But was wondering your input.

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      @joe your choice, personally start living on 75K and grow the freedom fund.

  • Ian

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    If I already make $100k/yr, I would go the Early Retirement Extreme ( route and build my blog for fun alone rather than setting it up as a business. With that amount of income I would only need a couple years to fully fund my retirement.

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