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January 2, 2012

Episode-62- Thought Forms and Positive Self Dialog

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Today’s show is a bit different than any topic I have covered up till now.  We are going to discuss the conversations people have with themselves and how to make sure they are a positive vs. a negative influence in our lives.  We also will discuss “thought forms” in the form of personalities we can create in mental stories to objectively evaluate choices in life and business.  This may sound a bit metaphysical but it is actually simple psychology.   All humans have internal dialog at just about any point where they are in auto pilot mode like walking alone, driving, doing mindless work, etc.

The issue with this self dialog as it tends to the negative unless we take control of it.  As for thought forms when we take our own choice and in heads say well lets say “Sam takes one choice” and “Tom takes the other” what will their results look like?  What will happen next etc?  Allows you to detach and remove emotion from logical decision making.

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    If having inner dialog is insanity, then I need a rubber room.. On my trip back home this weekend I found myself actually moving the inner dialog to outer dialog since I was traveling alone (wondering on occasion if the cars passing by thought I was a nutter). But sometimes I can only make sense of things if I can vocally bounce my ideas around. When you live a basically isolated existence without peers to brainstorm or partners to collaborate with, you find yourself in somewhat of of a pickle. And since talking to the chickens has proven non-productive……

    • J

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      Dene, you aren’t alone in taking inner-dialog to actual vocalization. I do this when I’m alone, especially when driving. It flows better sometimes that way and comes more naturally. Otherwise my mind is ‘racing’ from the second I wake up until I can finally trick myself to fall asleep. I found this podcast very interesting because I have never considered the way I think as any different than the way other’s do; this is obviously not an accurate assessment of my surroundings.

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    gotta kill the negative thoughts. to quote nike campaigns; “just do it!”

  • craig

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    Hey, I highly recommend a couple books: the War of ART, but Steven Pressfield, and “Do the work” ( same author ) great for that inner dialog which is as he says, “resistance”.

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