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January 3, 2012

Episode-63- More on Monetizing Your Site, Blog, Podcast, etc.

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Today I give my thoughts on two methods of site monetization.

  1. Highly Selective Affiliate Programs – Rather then a broad spectrum approach of being a mini “Walmart” limit your affiliate offerings and position them as more of a “sponsorship”.  Not by calling them “sponsors” but by selecting programs and products you actually use and love.  Sell them to your audience as if they were typical sponsors and explain to your people why you love them, what makes them special.  Don’t do this with sales copy BS, do it a tiny bit at a time, over time.
  2. Membership Programs – For long term success I think you need two things.  First products you directly bill for.  Affiliate programs are great as extra revenue but they can’t be your core.  Secondly you must put some component into your business that creates “recurrent revenue”.  The membership model is the best way I know to do this.  On today’s show I tell you how I did this with Survival Podcast and give you some other ideas for it as well.

Today is the first in a series on revenue generation.  If you have any specific programs or methods you want to cover let me know.

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