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January 10, 2012

Episode-67- The Unique Qualities of Video for Marketing, Selling and Building Brand

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Back in 2008 convincing companies that video especially on YouTube had a role in promoting their businesses was an up hill battle.  I can’t tell you how many uptight dumbasses in suits told me how YouTube was “unprofessional” or “sophomoric” and “didn’t apply to their business”.  Today almost every company that told me this has an online video presence.  People love video today and most agree that it…

  • Improves conversion
  • Builds brands
  • Creates followers
  • And promotes viral marketing

Very few marketers especially in the corporate space though seem to understand WHY it does these things so well.  Today I am going to explain the why behind them, tell you how to maximize that and help you get over “fear of the camera” if you suffer from it.

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    um…. why do I feel like you’re talking to me… 🙂 I just recently started making some videos, and I’m actually enjoying it- and I didn’t think I would.

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    Great advice, would love to hear more about this. This is the inspiration I needed to get a move on my own videos for my blog.

    -The Tennessee Prepper

  • Ian

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    The mention right at the end about getting a camera with an input jack for a remote mic is absolutely right on. I just got a wireless mic for my camera, and it’s going to make a huge difference in audio quality. Until now, it was very difficult for me to get decent audio outside or in even slightly noisy venues (actually, I never did get good audio, I just used the crummy footage ’cause it’s what I had). With the new mic, I should have no problem getting really listenable footage from places like the upcoming SHOT Show. 🙂

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