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January 11, 2012

Episode-68- What is Money and Are you Repelling It?

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Do you know what money is?  Most people think they do but let me tell you squarely that most people have NO FRICKEN CLUE what money really is.  Worse most people not only don’t what money is, the are actually actively repelling it from their lives, this includes many people with “high incomes”.

Don’t believe me?  This 15 minute episode could very well shake you to the core of what you think you know, what you think you believe and even as to why building a passive income steam is so important.  I am going to warn you the last 5 minutes of today’s show truely will live up to being, “the ramblings of an insane entrepreneur”.  However, let me say it is so damn important to understand.  Most people never realize the shocking truth, they don’t just hate the wealthy and those who have money, which is bad enough.  No, they actually hate money and repel wealth.

I am going to tell you why today, it may be difficult to accept but trust me when I tell you, it is what really happens in the lives of most people and why even high earners seldom have real wealth.

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    This was a FANTASTIC reminder and wake up call. Thank you.

  • Kenny

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    Made me think. thanks jack!

  • Chris Harrison

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    Jack, the last part of this episode was, in a single word, amazing. It really left me with a lot to think about, because I’m one of those people you talked about, making around $100k but as an employee, in a job that requires me to commute 3 hours or more round-trip every day. Money IS a burden to me, because it is something that takes me away from my family and the productive activities I really love (i.e. permaculture, building stuff).

    I guess on the positive side of things, I’ve been making steps toward being able to break away over the past 1.5 years, since I started listening to you on TSP. But what you said on this episode really made me think about the urgency with which I set up a side blogging business before I am in the position to really follow a permaculture design business (after my PDC this spring), operating a small veggie-and-fruit stand at my home and working independently as a registered professional engineer.

    Thanks for everything you do — it definitely makes a difference in my life!

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    My artist brain still has trouble building seperate income streams…

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    Very inspiring and I’ve been working my ass off working as an employee. My side business ventures havent workout until I teamed up with a few guys. We are slowly building an internet business to ultimately sell. I do want to setup a business on my own my own and this episode has got me thinking. Thanks Jack

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    Thanks Jack. Both your message and your fervor are appreciated and helpful. I’ve been adding or trying to add secondary and now tertiary streams of income to my primary professional career for 10 years now. While this validates my efforts, it is also inspiring for me as well. I’m not energized and I feel like my perspective has been rotated just a bit. Changing my paradigm are ya? That’s called learning!

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      I should say, I’m NOW energized…

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