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July 13, 2010

Episode-7- Don’t Deny Your True Natue – A Lesson From A Snake

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I recently received a comment on The Survival Podcast blog in response to my advice to “always follow your passion” where the commenter stated.

“In my opinion “following your passion” is bad advice for most people. To say that everyone should follow their passion is like saying that everyone should go to collage.”

This actually concerns me a great deal that many people think this way. I want to be clear that I have no issues with taking a hard and even shitty job to pay the bills when you have to. I have nothing but respect for tough jobs that really take a lot of work for very low pay, if that is where you are in life.

I was there one time myself, I worked in a turkey farm cleaning up the kill and processing rooms at 15. When I first got out of the Army I worked for just over minimum wage in a ware house packing boxes 10 hours a day, the temperature during the summer was about 130 degrees, no exaggeration.

To earn a living we all do what we have to, when it is required of us. That beats the hell out of living on welfare like a sponge. I don’t have any problem with people working in tough even soul sucking work when required.

What I have a massive issue with is people doing it with a belief that it is their limit that it is all they will ever have. When I say follow your passion I mean chase it, believe you can find it and believe you can make it your life’s work. It may take a long time to discover it, longer to make it what you do as a living but never believe it is beyond you.

The big thing is don’t forget your true nature, who and what you really are as a human being. Work for the sake of work is a toxin, hard work is fine just make sure you are doing it in a way to build your life and make it better.

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    My first job was (get ready for this one…) sweeping up crickets around silos at a Mobil Chemical factory. YUCK! Fortunately, it was a temp job which led to a better place.. Texas Instruments– building boxes for printers. Exciting, eh?? 🙂

    I saw that comment at TSP, and the first thing I realized is that the person that wrote it obviously had a passion for his/her family.. willing to do whatever job necessary to to support them. We all strive to fulfill our passions, even if we don’t recognize that we are doing it.

    Haven’t watched your video yet.. just wanted to throw my opinion out here.. for what it’s worth.. 🙂

  • JackSpirko

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    What an awesome observation! Dang wish I had seen it that way. I think you should post that to him in your much nicer than my way on the other thread, it might make him go hmmmmmmmmm.

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    I will.. but I won’t be surprised if he chews me up and spits me out.. LOL

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    Grrreatt video! Such good points. Every once in awhile I catch myself saying things like, “I used to like to do … this or that … but I never do it anymore”. Then I wonder .. WHY do I not do the things I used to love anymore?? I think we sometimes lose our way as we begin to play “grownup”. Maybe I need to revisit the things that made me happy as a child.. a teen-ager… a young adult… all of those things that came before I got so serious and busy with LIFE..

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    Following your passion is great advice. I thought it was cool to hear a while back that you are a fellow herper. I spent many nights with friends in college road-running back roads looking for herps. Snakes (kingsnakes and cornsnakes) are definitely my favorite with turtles at a close second.

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