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January 13, 2012

Episode-70- Why I Snap Out Sometimes and Advanced Stategies

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The title pretty much says it all on this one.  I want you guys to understand how sometimes it may seem like I am flipping my lid at you and I am not, I am angry at the massive amount of misinformation out there and the cesspool that is the “how to make money online” market.  There is so much utter bullshit out there and I have been fighting it for more than a decade.

Today I also explain that I now realize there are two things I need to do on the show that I have not been doing so far…

1.  I need to do some VERY basic topics on occasion like super simple stuff that could bore some listeners (like 10% of the time)

2.  I need to do some really advanced topics that will be over the head of some, stretch others and empower some as well (again like 10% of the time)

Remember always that the best way to get topics covered you want to hear is to email me your questions.

Some basics I will be covering in the future include…

  • Very basic links in relation to SEO
  • Very basic how to in installing WordPress Plugins
  • Very basic analytics concepts

Some advanced topics will include…

  • More on “site networks” like I discussed today
  • Creating 3-way link exchange networks
  • Use of link cloaking, why, when, how
  • Advanced sales components using video presentations
  • Creation micro conversion sites

Again basic, moderate or advanced tell me what you want to know, where you are stuck etc.  And remember if I sound mad sometimes, I am not mad at you.

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    So funny, when I first started working from home as a data analyst, I would literally start a data download and walk away from my pc for 20 minutes or so (usually go do laundry or clean house) to give the files time to download. Now, even with my ‘slow’ wireless connection it takes mere seconds to download files much bigger than those data files.. yet I still complain about the speed, LOL.

    One of the things that I really REALLY appreciate is the fact that you snap out because along with that you are leaping me FORWARD past the pitfalls that you’ve already lived through. I know I am capable to staying on my current path and I’ll eventually figure this stuff out on my own because I’m not a stupid person, but any time I see a wrinkle in time where I can take a bigger leap forward, that’s even better! Sometimes those leaps are made in faith, because I haven’t walked the complete path myself, so I don’t fully understand why it works.. and that’s when I ask questions for clarification.

    I always joke about getting yelled at by Jack today, but actually our real communications have been pretty great, and I’ve learned a lot.

    I’m happy with the podcast ‘as is’ but will probably benefit from hearing the basics as well.

    So SOOOO funny that you brought up the ‘pages’ not ‘posts’ site. I was just planning out something like this and when you said it I said out loud, “YEAH, that’s it.. that’s exactly what I was thinking.” I had a topic that I wanted to get some information out there about but don’t want to blog in it regularly. However, I wasn’t to the point in my planning to even consider its benefit to my other sites. That’s why I love listening to stuff like this because it helps me build on my own ideas and do more neat stuff. Keep goin’ Jack.. I’m paying attention.

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