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January 25, 2012

Episode-72- Thoughts on Paid Advertising with Google AdWords and StumbleUpon

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Paid Advertising Can Pay Big Dividends

Paid Advertising Can Pay Big Dividends

I have been getting a lot of questions on paid advertising options lately and also noticed a lot of chatter at the Road to 100K Forum as well so I figured it was time for an episode on it.  The reality is paid advertising is a great source of traffic and indeed with PPC models it can be guaranteed traffic.

It is however far more complex than just buying a bunch of words, frankly that is a great way to loose your ass.  Kind of like going to Vegas and playing roulette you could hit a big home run but it is doubtful.  In fact you are more likely to hit 37 to 1 on a roulette wheel than hit a home run with a buy and hope approach to PPC.

In fact the first step is to get good anlalytics into place and have clear defined measurable goals for the traffic you are buying.  Until you do that you really have no idea if the results you are getting are “good” or “okay” or “bad”.  With out metrics those terms don’t mean a thing.

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