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January 26, 2012

Episode-73- What is Personalized Search and What Does it Mean for SEO

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What is Personal Search

What is Personal Search and Why Does it Kick Ass for Niche Marketers?

Recently Google dropped a bombshell in the personal privacy world with what can only be called “integrated tracking” across all Google services.  Meaning in one place Google will store things like, what you search for, what you watch on youtube, what you do with your email (that’s the big one to me and why I REFUSE to use Gmail), what you say and who you talk to on Google Plus, etc.  Further given Google’s Analytics is used by the vast majority of web site owners we have to believe they are using it to compile data all across the web.

Today though I am not talking about the political implications on personal privacy but what does this mean to us as marketers.  The reason Google is doing this is to improve personalized search and this yet again has cries that “SEO is dead” coming from the gaggles of armatures that don’t really have a clue what SEO is all about or simply want to be dramatic.  Said amateurs fail to understand that personalized search has been part of Google since at least 2007 on some levels and this is nothing but a further evolution of that.

This is nothing new, here is a really great collection of SEO is Dead posts, all of which make for some amusing reading given how old most of them are.

In today’s episode I explain the evolution of personalized search, why it makes SEO more important than ever and how it is one of the greatest things that could ever happen to niche marketers on the internet.

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