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January 27, 2012

Episode-74- Thoughts on a Service Based Business

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Services are a High Margin Product whe Run Effectively

Services are a High Margin Product whe Run Effectively

It is well known that I prefer a informational or soft product to a hard product for online marketing.  I am not anti physical product or anything I just know for a fact margins and logistics are much better with a non physical product.

This though has spawned a listener question on service based business.  My thoughts on this are…

1.  A service based product should have high margins
2.  A service based business must be scalable either with bodies or technology
3.  A service based business has some inherent limitations but that doesn’t make it a bad model as all models have limitations

Tune in for some ideas on how you can add a service based component smartly and why all bloggers and podcasters are already on some level a service based business.

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