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January 30, 2012

Episode-75- IP Diversity and Content Format Diversity

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Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Okay you get a twofer today!  The fist listener question is about IP diversity in relation to building a site network.  In other words is it bad to have 50 sites on one shared IP, in general the answer is yes but you also don’t need 50IPs for 50 sites and there are many cheap solutions you can enact here.

Next up another listner want to know how important it is or is not to produce daily content in a unified format.  In other words if you were going to produce three pieces of content a week does it matter if you do three different types of content, say a blog post, a podcast and a video or do you need to stay consistent and do say 3 blog posts and make the videos and podcasts extra.

This isn’t quite that easy to say yes or no to.  The reality is content is content and while I think 5 times a week beat the hell out of 3, exactly what form the content takes isn’t that important.  There are deffinitely some advantages though in becoming a “Jack of many trades and a master of one”.  Tune in to hear more about that and some other cool stuff in today’s episode.

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    I was typing my reply when you said my name.. yep I’m listening! I love my facebook friends. I can’t bring myself to call them fans, because many of them have truly become friends. I’m interested in what they have to say, and what they are working on…. If there is a such thing as “organic” leads, I’ve found it through social media. I like the idea of people finding me, one at a time, liking what I have to say, knowing that I’m not a super-duper great writer, but they like me anyway.

  • Jake

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    Funny, I had this exact question when I saw your video. Thanks for delivering the answer before I had a chance to ask the question.

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