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January 31, 2012

Episode-76- No Excuses and Building Sites with Word Press

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So I often gets some version of the “I am set in my ways” or “this is all so new to me excuse”.  I am going to tell you now it is NONSENSE and I have little time for it.  None of this stuff is really hard and the parts that are hard (like programming) you can outsource and let some propeller head do it for you.

What set this episode off though was a listener not using WordPress because in their own words they are an “old dog”, however, what they were trying to do was not only less effective but far more difficult to do, in fact I don’t even understand it.

Such it often is!  I can’t tell you how many people that say, “I am trying to learn about all this stuff before I get in over my head”.  BULLSHIT!  Get in over your head right now, it is a metaphor you won’t drown, you won’t break anything and when you first start out NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU ANYWAY.  There is no way and I mean no way to learn this stuff by watching or reading or anything like that.  Those things are to teach you what can be done and how to think about it.  You will only learn by doing them.

Such is the case with installing and using WordPress, it takes less than 2 minutes and filling out a form to install WordPress on any Cpanel based hosting account.  No excuses here is a video so if you want to blog get some cheap hosting from HostGator and then use this video to get started.

I also cover some thoughts about WordPress Themes and Plugins and learning to istall and use them today along with some thoughts on tags vs categories and how to use them as well.

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    Thanks for doing this episode. I finally created a blog…2 entries so far. However, I am confused about how to (eventually) add affiliate links and advertising, because when I read the WordPress agreements, I interpret them to mean that I am not permitted to do that…. However I see on your blog that you are indeed able to do so… Thanks for your advice and clarification! Jason

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      The difference is I pay for my own hosting, own my domain and use WordPress on it. I don’t use DOT WORDPRESS. You shouldn’t either, what you just pointed out is ONE of many reasons why.

      • Northernhomesteader

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        Thanks! So….should I be using; or own and host a domain and then use the “regular” WordPress on that…. Or would that then be pointing the hosted domain back at DOTwordpress…with the same problem as a result?

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          First off, there’s no such thing as the “regular” WordPress. WordPress is the platform (the software) and it’s the same no matter where it’s running. 

          I think what you’re asking is whether you should host on or with a paid hosting provider like HostGator. Assuming that’s what you’re asking…It’s not a great idea to have your domain name be – what you want is (which hopefully you own). There ARE ways to use as your host and have your domain name be, but I don’t recommend it.What you should do is scroll up, click Jack’s link for HostGator and sign up. It will cost you $4/month when you’re just starting out. Then you can have your own domain name and fully control your site.

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          Good info Brandon but I will make it more clear.  Get hosting, Gator is great but there are many hosts, pick one, own your domain, own your hosting and get of the free shit. A domain is less then ten bucks a year and hosting can be about 5 bucks a month.  If you won’t spend that you don’t have a business.

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    Jack, thanks so much for doing this episode!  I got serious about my blog a couple of weeks ago ( and have gotten a post up about 2 out of every 3 days so far.  However, I’m downright STUPID when it comes to the technical aspects of getting a website set up.  This episode will be a HUGE help in that regard.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, and help people like me “tie into (our) passions and generate profits by building a business that (we) love.”

  • Candy

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    Dagnabit, Jack! I hate it when you’re right!!!!!

    After struggling with doing the switchover from using the sitebuilder on hostgator to using word press, I finally got it up and running with the great tech support on host gator. I had thought they wouldn’t help me with word press stuff, but they were GREAT! 

    Selecting the options on the theme can be overwhelming. Kind of like going to a restaurant with a huge menu, and you’re really hungry and all you want is SOMETHING to eat.  So I used defaults for most of the stuff and I figure I can change them later when I figure out what they’re talking about.

    Glad I was able to give you material for the show. LOL. Hope it didn’t send your blood pressure up too much. Thanks again for all your help.

  • GW

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    Hey Jack, I started this December listening to 5 Minutes With Jack.  I have been listening to TSP for a couple of years and am a Supporting member too.  Love that you are living your dream and working on that for myself as well.  I took your advice and went with Hostgator and my own domain name and using wordpress as you instructed.  I am wondering about the best application for putting Facebook Twitter connections etc.  So that people could read the blog and like it and it would show up on their Facebook site etc. Thanks and God Bless. !

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