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July 13, 2010

Episode-8- Intenert Marketing Land Mine Number One

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No Cohesive Plan

This is probably the one thing that either keeps any given internet marketer from making money or from making as much money as they possibly can. You simply must have a full plan before you launch any project or you will most likely cause the following things to occur.

One – You will leave out critical steps, like tracking everything so you can make adjustments, getting your search engine marketing right and millions of other details.

Two – You may be doomed by the number one thing that plagues countless would be great internet marketers. This is having 4-5 or more projects going at once each that could be completed in less then a month, but because you are juggling it takes 5 or more months to fully finish any or worse yet none of them ever get fully completed.

Three – Your project ends up needing constant support to keep going even if it works. Because you are not fully planning in the beginning you only develop a site and a product, not a system. Done right your projects should result in creating systems that run themselves once complete so you are free to now do another project. With out planning this will never happen you will always have more to do.

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