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February 17, 2012

Episode-86- Dealing with “Clunky” Key Word Phrases

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Creating Consistant and Great Content is More Important than Its Format

Sometimes You Have to Be a Creative Wordsmith!

Today I do sort of a follow up on yesterday’s show on keywords based on a question a listener asked at TheRoadTo100K.  That question was…

Now what if the search phrase doesn’t make sense grouped together in a sentence, 3 different keywords lumped together?

This is really not that complicated, the basic rules are

1.  First see if the terms can be found in another data point where they are less clunky, minimal competition and have the same or more traffic, if you find that, use that.

2.  If you can’t do the above, try to make the phrase work with “throw away operators” such as the, a, and, if, etc.

3.  If you can’t do number 2, try to keep the words in order, use as many throw away operators as you can and fill it is with other words.

4.  If you can’t do number 3, change the order as minimally as possible, use throw away operators where you can and try to preserve some of the phrase.

5.  When all else fails get the words into a sentence and in the title and descripton tag and make some sort of link with at least some of the words part or your seo smart links campaign.

6.  Do your best, focus on content for humans and don’t stress out about any of this.

Tune in for More!

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    Looking forward to all the new things coming our way at FMWJ.   I just wanted to let folks know that we REALLY have some awesome people over at the forum!  I’ve developed some great working relationships with several of the bloggers and we’re seeing positive results from our efforts.  We’re actively critiquing each others’ blogs and posts, sharing things we’ve learned on our own personal journeys and benefiting from the combined experiences of all.  This is one of the best forum groups I’ve ever been a part of- very respectful and helpful, I’ve seen no arguing or non-constructive criticism.. these folks are SERIOUS about their businesses and are working together as a team to get the best results for all.   The forum is open for guests to read without joining, so you can see what we’re doing — and we’d love for you to join in, so don’t be shy..    Thanks for another great show, Jack.

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