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February 21, 2012

Episode-87- Facebook Edge Rank Why it Matters and Why it Doesn’t

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Understanding Facebook Edge Rank

Understanding Facebook Edge Rank

In case you missed it Facebook has rocked the social media world with the implementation of a more advanced version of something known as edge rank recently.  Edge rank is the algorythem that Facebook uses to determine what to display in a users feed.

This means a fan page with as many as 20,000 fans might put out a post that is seen by only 10,000, 5,000 or even less.  It has made many question the entire rational for having a fan page in the first place.  Personally I find this another knee jerk reaction by those who see social media as something akin to a direct mail campaign vs. what it actually is, a means of communication with people that care about you and your brand.

What we know about edge rank thus far is…

The hierarchy of content value with all things being equal is

  1. Friends posts
  2. Posts by people you have “subscribed to”
  3. Fan pages that you “liked”

This makes your fan page out of the gate behind all your fans friends posting about getting a new puppy, buying bread for the coming snow storm and many other pointless jabber people seem to think others want to know about.  Some people are therefore clamoring that “subscriptions are the future” of Facebook marketing.  I think they are both correct and incorrect.

People now actually enjoy communicating with SOME brands, brands that actually communicate instead of just saying how great they are and offering sales.  Brands that understand their customers as people not just as metrics.

In fact there are a large number of other factors that effect what gets displayed, we can use these to get lost of interaction with our fans.  They include…

  1. Affinity – has the fan commented or posted on your fan page directly, did you answer them.
  2. Time – most posts live in the news feed for about 3 hours, however a hot post with lots of discussion gets more time.
  3. Post Type – it goes in this order best we can tell, Video – Picture – Link – Status so post more video and pictures and include a link to something even with a status update.

My view is the new edge rank is a great thing, not a fan page killer as some say.  It is in fact a fan page definer.  The brands that give a shit, the brands that care will still get plenty of play and interaction with their fans.  Where as the idiot assclowns that keep asking stupid shit like “what is the ROI on an individual Facebook fan” will see their pages treated like what they actually are, social media SPAM.

Yea I am talking to you Mr. Suit in the Fortune 500 Firm.  I told you guys about this stuff as a consultant 5 years ago,  you didn’t listen then, you won’t listen now and this is why David continues to kick Goliath’s ass!  Tune in to hear what edge rank means and what it doesn’t mean why for small brands that know their customers it may be one of the greatest things to ever happen.

Resources for Today’s Show

  • Edge Rank Checker – this may be awesome or worthless I just signed up and have to wait until tomorrow to see what data it provides me with.
  • – good explanation of the math behind the algorithm.
  • Podcast Answer Man – Show I learned about Edge Rank on.  Check out 247 for the segment I mentioned.
  • The Road to 100K – Our forum please join in!

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  • Jeff TenEyck

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    Thanks Jack…. this is absolutely useful info and definitely good to know!  The whole social media thing (ESPECIALLY FB) can be a bit confusing and hard to stay on top of.  It seems to run a close second to keeping up with big G’s algo’s.   🙂 

  • Dene Brock

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    It’s funny.. I don’t keep up with the advances in facebook, but I love using it to communicate with fans and friends.  Since I’m already a heavy photo publisher at my fan site, I had noticed that my visitors and comments were going up dramatically, so I was blissfully ignorant to the changes, but benefited from them nonetheless. Thanks for the info!

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