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March 1, 2012

Episode-89- SEO Lies, Key Words and Bring Real Value

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Today’s show is a complete whirl wind of insanity and information from a very keyed up and ranting Jack Spirko.

First I explain to you the effect that key words in title and description tags do have on ranking in the SERPs and provide conclusive proof that Matt Cutts is a liar when he says they have “no effect on search engine rankings”.  I then move on to the question,”how many keywords should I target per page”, the answer is not a simple number.  It is really more about combining long and short tail phrases to “hedge your bet so to speak”.  I also discuss using key word tools like Google’s Keyword Tool and using Word Tracker.

I finish up today with explaining why you have to give your very best information away.  How it builds relationships, creates revenue opportunity and makes you eventually successful.  The days of holding information for ransom are over.  Today it is about what value you add to information.

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    I agree with “give it away” philosophy.  At first I didn’t think it was true, but it is.  I first heard it from Seth Godin.


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