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July 13, 2010

Episode-9- The Importance of Branding and Personal Brand

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Most small business people and definitely most individuals with blogs, forums, podcasts etc really tend to miss a few things when it comes to branding.   The problem is most evident with affiliate marketers who sell via programs like ClickBank and Amazon or use 3rd party advertising like adsense or kontera as a primary source of revenue.

The reality is you need to focus on two primary brands, the first in your “company” or more accurately your output, your blog, your products or what ever you present to the world.  It must be presented as UNIQUE not just more of the same.  The second is your personal brand, this is true even as a blogger who blogs in first person.  The blog is the “output” beyond the fact that it is your blog what about the blog itself is unique, where is the content sourced from, how is it presented, etc.  These are just examples you can determine your unique attributes for yourself but they must be part of  your branding efforts.

Personal brand can and is often linked to company brand but for real leverage must extend beyond it, as it leads you to be able to create some level of separation between what you do and who you are.   Of the two personal brand is far more important, it applies equally to the professional employee and to the entrepreneur.

By focusing on these two forms of branding the individual entrepreneur creates…

1.  Create new business and opportunity down the road

2.  Develop income from your company brand that exists out side of your efforts

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