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March 2, 2012

Episode-90- Selling Electronic Products with Fully Automated Delivery

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I recently got this question from a listener,

“When you sell an electronic product and take payment with PayPal you have to acknowledge the order to send the download link to the customer.  Is there a way around this.”

I personally consider the simple answer to be a shopping cart that will handle the creation of the “item” and will then deliver it with a decaying download link.  I use 1ShoppingCart for this and it works very well.  Today I explain why at least for now I prefer 1ShoppingCart to free versions.  I also cover today some best practices for selling electronic products such as…

  • Sell the “value” of the item over its format
  • Why putting a graphical representation of a electronic product increases conversions
  • Why the rules of selling electronic products are universal
  • Why you should pay a graphics designer unless you are a graphics designer
  • Why I like services like rent a coder unless I know and have used a developer in the past
  • Why you must fire some customers for being to stupid to do business with
  • What is and IS NOT your business and why you need to know the difference

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Episode-90- Selling Electronic Products with Fully Automated Delivery

  • azmatt

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    For my selling my wife’s ebooks direct I’ve looked at a few options but am leaning towards dpd. Does anyone have any experience with them? 

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