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March 7, 2012

Episode-93- More on Recurrent Revenue Via Membership Sites

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A Forum Network Can Create Membership Income

A Forum Network Can Create Membership Income

Today we start out with an explanation as to how we broke the forum yesterday and how we are going to fix it for you today.  This has led me to understand that you may not want to use “membership software” for all membership programs.  Apparently SMF (simple machines forums) has a module to accept payments from PayPal.  This should make creating a private set of boards for TheRoadTo100K really easy.  In doing so we effectively have an easy to manage membership program with exclusive content.

This has me expanding my entire view on membership style forums.  Many entrepreneurs could take the site network model into a “forum network model” building out a 6-12 forums over say 3-4 years.  Each with small dollar premium membership programs, say 10-20 dollars a year tops.  12 forums with even 200 premium members average x 15 dollars average per membership is 12 x 200 x 15 = 36,000 in passive income.  It isn’t the model I would follow, I prefer to build 1 or 2 communities much larger with a great deal more value but that doesn’t make the other way wrong or even less effective.  I honestly can see why a network of 6 forums can’t be built into a 6 figure income in 4-5 years with this model.

I also talk a lot today about relationships with contractors and developers and how important they are, how to encourage such relationships so that you can always count on your out tasking team.  More to the point I discuss the need to know when to out task, how to think like a CEO of a business vs. a penny pincher with a pass book savings account.  The reality is entrepreneurs are not in the business of saving money, we are in the business of wealth creation.

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  • Ben Fitts

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    Thanks for the shoutout on today’s show. 

    As far as outsourcing we even have to consider it at times. Graphics for example are something we could do an ok job with but not great… and we can hire someone cheaper to do a better job.  It’s a requirement that CEOs must learn to outsource and know when they can hire someone else to do the job.  
    Otherwise what happens is your business can only grow to a certain point and then stagnate.

    – Ben

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