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Episode-94- Being and Employee is not a Natural State for Human Being

I have a special and hopefully a motivational message for you today, I want to talk to you about why human beings are not meant to be employed.  I am not saying we are not meant to work or have what some might call, “gainful employment”. What I actually mean is humans are not designed to take on a subservient role with another person telling them how to live and how to make their decisions.  Employment in many ways is nothing more than a modern and slightly enlightened form of slavery.

At one time almost all people were entrepreneurs.  Even if they “showed up for work” via some sort of organization they worked when they chose, for who they chose and in a manner in which they felt they were fairly compensated.  If not they went back to their homes and worked for themselves.  The priority was food, shelter and family.  If you had that you had wealth and had it in abundance.  Now I am not suggesting we regress to that lifestyle but we can learn from it.

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