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March 16, 2012

Episode-96- Rush Limbaugh Proves Big Media’s Complete Ignorance On Social Media

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As I drove back from my appearance on The Glenn Beck Show yesterday I found myself flipping channels to various Talk Radio stations.  I came across Rush Limbaugh and normally don’t really like to listen to him but he was talking about “finally getting on board with Twitter”.  I thought it might be interesting and well, it was, it showed me how ignorant of social media main stream media really is.

Limbaugh’s Twitter rocked to over 114,000 followers in a day, sounds good but notice he doesn’t follow anyone, no one back.  He as posted three tweets and all are basically self serving.  He hasn’t replied to a single @ shout and I am sure there have been many.  I would normally say a day is too quick to judge BUT this time it isn’t because I listened to him spew nonsense such as, “so if you follow me and simply click retweet, everyone you are following will see what I tweeted”.  Newsflash for Rush you got it exactly backwards there.

So what though, so an older guy dyed in the wool of main stream talk radio doesn’t get the technical aspects of twitter at least he is in the game right?  Well, it isn’t the technical issues that really are proof of total ignorance here, it is the total lack of what media like twitter and facebook really are!  Twitter is about building individual relationships, they let big time people with tons of followers make caring about their fans somewhat scalable.  You can’t answer everyone but you can answer some.  You don’t need to tweet about buying bread but you can tweet about some aspects of your life beyond the brand and let people know you better.

The good news as long as big media keeps this up we own the space, tune in for more.

I do want to point out I don’t have anything against Rush, he isn’t my cup of tea to listen to but I have no axe to grind.  He is just one example of many of big media have no clue about relationship marketing and social media.  I consider Donald Tump a very smart business man and I went on record saying he blog sucked many years ago.

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