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March 19, 2012

Episode-97- What We Learn From Parasitic Idiots Who Take Before They Give

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This weekend was one of the worst ever for getting self serving assclown emails.  I am pretty sure the exposure on Glenn Beck added to but I received a good half dozen emails between Friday and this morning from people asking for links, book reviews, etc on The Survival Podcast.   Each of these emails had some common threads.  They included…

1.  None of them demonstrated any understanding of my community, my website etc.  They simple said things like, “we are a good fit for you”.

2.  None offered anything in return they simply wanted an endorsement link or to be featured.  No offer of a link back or to do an affiliate relationship, etc.  This is quite arrogant.  Not that I would have said yes if they did but I sure would have felt less “used” in the interaction.

3.  Each told me how great it would be for me, if I helped them because they were so awesome it would make me look good to promote their agenda.

4.  Each clearly wanted to take and give nothing back.

5.  None made an even remote attempt to establish any form of a relationship before asking for something.

One guy was even so arrogant he wanted me to review his book, this clown sent me a Amazon link so I could BUY IT.  Yea sure buddy I am going to spend my money to buy a book from a guy I’ve never heard of and recommend it to my community of 35,000 simply because you asked.  Really?  Today though while I rant on this stuff there is a much deeper lesson on how to choose good partners and how to be a good partner.

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  • Marc Hallee

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    I loved the rant.  Some people in business have no idea about connecting with the client and using that for repeat business.  Thanks for sharing Jack and thanks for giving.

  • Prepper Website

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    I understand where you are coming from here.  I don’t get anywhere near the emails that you do, but I still have people emailing me and asking me to link to their site to promote their products.  If they did a quick once over, they would realize that I don’t link to products.  And, there are many times where their emails are just incoherent.  I try to muddle through with some sort of comprehension but COME ON MAN!

    On many of these emails, I have taken the time to send back some advice and ideas on how they could get their sites noticed and I think I have only received one thank you.  Most of the time I never hear from them again!

    I’m just going to start sending them to this podcast episode! 😉


  • Inthego

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    Man, now that is the Jack I know! Guns blazing in the sun! What a teachable weekend you had.  Keep up the good work, and hopefully your blood pressure low. Cheers! 

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