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August 16, 2010

Five Minutes with Jack Forum

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Up at the top of the site you will see a link that says “Forum” it DOES NOT use the Buddy Press Forums, why?  Well because the BuddyPress forums are nothing but a way that the groups get organized and don’t really function like a forum.  I am very familiar with the SMF Forum Platform and so I used it to create a full featured forum here.

As it builds we can add more boards and child boards.  I will definitely need moderators so if you have an interest and know how to mod a forum let me know.   A few questions I expect to hear so I will just answer them now.

Why am I adding a forum though we the site uses BuddyPress?

Answer – As I said above the BuddyPress features are cool for some basic group stuff and really nice for commenting on the blog.  I also plan to ask some of you to guest post in the future so it will be great for that!  But it sucks as a full feature forum.  You know with moderator levels, search functionality, etc.

Why a forum at all, aren’t there enough online business forums out there already?

Well there are a lot of them but I think most fit into one of two camps.  Some are really to advanced technically like say Search Engine Watch.  I mean if you know a bit more than basic SEO and PPC and page creation and all it will be a good place to learn more but I think many just feel over their heads in such forums.  The good news is they are well run and they keep the trash out!  The second type of forum is full of trash!  Get rich in your underwear, make a fortune by telling two that tell two, etc.  I want a forum that is good for newbies and advanced and I want to keep the trash out.  No scammers and no spammers.  Hence new registrations will require approval by an admin at least until we get a good moderator staff in place.  So when you join it will take a while to get an email saying your account is active.  Spammers are scum and are attracted by a site on business like nothing else on the planet (other than porn, viagra or gambling), I already delete about 5 fake scam users a day from the blog alone.

Is the forum about Five Minutes With Jack or Business in General?

Business in general, hopefully with a lot of my personality and philosophy tossed into it.

So the forum is live, ready for business.  Who is going to be the first member, well other than me and who will score the first post?

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    I’m in! just waiting on confirmation email. I guess your doing my background search…;)

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    Waiting on a confirmation as well.

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    All pendings are now active,

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    Some ideas for subforums:

    * I would love to see a subforum on just general marketing/sales/copywriting/persuasion/customer psychology, that sort of thing.

    * A subforum for stuff having to do with VCs and angel investing.

    * Business ideas. Let people critique each others’ ideas.

    * A general time management/personal development subforum could fit in also I think, as it has some tangents with business. A lot of business is mindset and the right attitude, which has to do with personal development and psychology often, ie removing limiting beliefs and stuff like that.

    * A subforum on building passive income.

    * A subforum with media recommendations, ie people can post podcasts and book reviews and stuff like that.

    * Lastly, a subforum for small-scale freelancing type business ie stock photos or Ebay selling or similar low level but interesting none the less money-making tasks.

    Jack, are you promoting 5MwJ in the Internet marketing community? I think you could be a big hit there and maybe convert some of those snake oilers to survivalism, hehe.

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    Happy to do it in time. Once we get a few posts in every forum we have we can begin doing that. Again this is going to needs some mods if anyone has an interest.

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