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May 15, 2012

FMwJ to Return Tomorrow

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I know it may look like I am breaking my own daily content rule lately with FMwJ and, the reality though is I have been turning out content still daily for The Survival Podcast and during a recent 12 days of travel doing FMwJ simply wasn’t possible.  We will be back tomorrow and I just learned a ton of things that may not seem to apply to web marketing but they most certainly do.

Tomorrow though we begin an 8 part series on using permaculture principals in building and marketing a business.  This will be based on an article called, 8 Forms of Capital in Permaculture, you can read it here.

I promise to make up for my recent absence with some earth shattering ideas about business, marketing and the new world of interconnected media.  Please as “homework” read the article and start asking yourself how the types of capital relate to the new world of business.

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