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February 2, 2012

Google’s Privacy Policy and its Implications on Personal Search, SEO and Targeted Advertising

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Google’s new privacy policy has a lot of people concerned. I am pretty concerned about a few aspects of it myself. However this video looks at what it means to us as marketers, how personalized search will evolve along with how ad serving technology will evolve.

Understanding Googles New Privacy Policy, Personalized Search and Ad Serving Technology from Jack Spirko on Vimeo.

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    Creepy is how Google targets their ads based on that info.  We bought a couple of practice suits (swim) for my daughters a month ago.  Now when we visit websites, those same exact swimsuits pop up in an ad for that company.  Repeatedly.  My youngest daughter yells “stalkers!”  We even went into the site and clicked on a random swim cap just to see new images in the results, and yep that yellow swim cap shows up now too.  I question how useful this ad is for the company, not buying what I’ve already bought.

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