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January 9, 2012

Episode-66- The Ins, Outs and Risks of Buying and Selling Links

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I would venture almost every website owner has received an email that says something to the effect of…

“We very much like your web blog and would be interested in exchanging like with you.  We will place your link on a page that is very good for search engines and  would ask that you place our link on X page of you site”

This really kicked up a lot when people began outsourcing link building to India, Russia, the Philippines, etc. back about 2006-2008 (thank you very much Mr. Ferris!).  It has really soiled most site owners view of link exchanges, link buying and link selling.  The truth is links are a valuable commodity, they increase your search engine ranking (when done properly), they drive traffic (when on the right page) and people are willing to pay for them (when you can increase traffic or SEO for them).

Now Google HATES this practice and years ago they literally decimated the intellectual property of thousands of small time bloggers using a platform called PayPerPost.  Here is one account of this action by Google.   PayPerPost fought back with a new platform that is an okay way to “blog for dollars” called IZEA.

Tune in today and I will tell you the smart way to buy and sell links, how to know if a network is “safe”, how Google was able to nuke so many people on PayPerPost in one shot, why they did it as a show of force and more.  One safe network you can make some money selling links thought is, just know they will not approve all bloggers.

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