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Jack on Making Money with Podcasting at Podcast Squared

Recently I was featured on a panel over at Podcast Squared, the topic was a really exciting panel all about the one thing most podcasters find elusive: monetization.   I was featured along side Chris Mancini from Comedy Film Nerds  and together we quickly dispelled the myth that no one makes real money from podcasting.

We covered topics like…

  • The idiocy of the “pay wall” for older episodes
  • Why community is more important than the method monetization
  • Why the “supporting member” model is so powerful
  • How advertising revenue can play a role but won’t likely make you totally free
  • Using drop shipping and affiliate sales
  • The power of “owning the product” vs. selling someone else’s

There likely won’t be a ton of episodes in the next two weeks as I will be in Montana for a week of training with Sepp Holzer and Paul Wheaton but this is an hour long panel that I think will really help you monetize not just a podcast but frankly any blog or forum.

You can Listen to the Panel Discussion Here

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