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December 21, 2011

Join Us on The Road to 100K – Our New Forum

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So we have made some changes and have the new forum off to a great start!  Something may be missing though, that something or someone is you if you haven’t already joined.  Building a business is tough, most of the people you know won’t understand that at all, they won’t understand, you passion or your drive.  They will often have advice which is well, not worth a damn.  Never take advice on business from a person who isn’t successful in business.

Now our forum is different you will find entrepreneurs at all levels, from getting started to massively successful.

The goal of the community is simple!  To help as many hard working, honest and passionate entrepreneurs get to a minimum of 100,000 dollars of annual income as possible.  To help members of our community find true freedom.  See you on the road….

~ Jack

You can Find the Forum Here

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    Jack –

    I am planning a website that will cater to not-for-profits (churches, Scouts, etc.). I have pledges of sponsorship from a handful of people to get started, but before I make the investment, I thought I would solicit your opinion on potential revenues, issues, obstacles, for working with not-for-profits.



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