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New Podcast Format and “Beer Friday”

So first up I got all the podcasts changed over to the new format with the video on Youtube and audio via iTunes.  Episode 31 has the new cool music in the intro and exit, wondering how it works for everyone now?

Have a Beer With Jack

Have a Beer With Jack

Next up I am kicking around the idea of doing “beer Friday” here at FMWJ.  It will work like this about three PM on Fridays I will make the HUGE sacrifice of stopping work and break out a cold frosty something or another and pouring it into a mug.  I will switch on the camera and do a basic beer review along with a bit of business (much less than normal) tossed in.  By the time I get it converted, uploaded and posted it will be damn close to 5ish.

It would be kind of like a beer with Jack across the net.  I could even post the brands of beer in advance, so when ever you watched it, you could have the same beer as I do if you wanted.  Just a thought.  I have done a lot of business over a cold beer, this would be like doing it virtually.

  • Norm Hardy

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    Love the idea of Beer Friday!!

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  • Craig Zarkos

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    Yah man! sounds great.

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    I like beer and I like Fridays, so I will like this. Got some favorite already lined up, Jack, or are you taking suggestions?

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    Cool idea. 2 of my favorites:

    Green Flash West Coast IPA
    Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

  • Joe

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    If they have one around your area I say check out your local beer and blog


    Most cities hold theirs on a Friday. It’s a great way to meet other word press geeks as well.

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    do it!