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August 2016
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New Resource Added to Five Minutes Resources Page

Today I mentioned two reports I was going to add to the web site.  One on understanding podcasting and the other on landing page optimization.  Upon further review the landing page one needs some updating which I will do this weekend.  I have added Understanding Podcasting, to the resources page though.

This report was originally an eBook that sold for 9.99 it is now yours for free just for taking the time to listen to and support Five Minutes With Jack.

  • Michael

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    Again, All I Can Say Is Thank You. I look forward to the landing page…..

  • Chris Stelzer

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    @Jack, Very insightful eBook, thank you. It was really helpful to see podcasting in a new light. This should make it easier for podcasters who are just starting out to understand their role, and the roles of guests and advertisers. Well done sir.

  • Jen Mendez

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    Looking forward to the document on creating a quality landing page. I feel a bit incompetent lately trying to set up a good website. I’ve got WP as my engine and downloaded the plugins, but setting them up just isn’t intuitive… at least not for me! I’m going to search YouTube, but if the information were to come from you I could be certain of the validity and credibility. Thanks for all you do. These podcasts are incredibly helpful.