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December 23, 2011

New Site Banner – Thanks to Paul at

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Well the other day I put on on an episode of Five Minutes with Jack that we needed a new banner for the site.  I just tossed it out and said the first person who wanted it could have the job in return for a mention on the site.  Well a few of you guys were quick to respond but Paul at was just a bit faster.

Here is a bit about Paul and his current projects.  One thing I can say, the man is swift on turn around time!

Paul Rose is a photographer and graphic designer who also does freelance design work. He has 40 years of award-winning experience and is available to help other entrepreneurs with their graphic design needs. If other listeners to “Five Minutes with Jack” need design work at a reasonable price, contact him at paul at

His new business venture is, a one-stop site for state-by-state information on firearms. The site will be a community-driven website that attempts to gather up-to-date information on the legal aspects of firearms usage for hunting, sport shooting and self defense.

Paul is currently writing articles dealing with the firearms and self defense laws of Colorado. Those articles will serve as a guide to anyone else interested in writing articles about their state. He welcomes contributions by anyone interested in the legal use of firearms. To quote Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, “Piss on golf. Real Americans go to the range.”

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    Good job Paul!

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    Me likes.. 🙂

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