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August 4, 2010

PrintFriendly Plugin is Pretty Cool

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So have you even been to a big news site like say The Wall Street Journal or New York Times and noticed how their stories have a “printable version” button so if you want to print the article you can do so with out banners, sidebars, cut off lines, etc.   I figured since a lot of the stuff I do on this blog is in text that such a feature would be nice to have here.  So I searched the plugin options and think I have found the best one.

You will now notice the option for printing or pdf versions of all articles on this site.  I really like the PDF feature since you can use it on many electronic readers like the Amazon Kindle simply by emailing it to yourself.

The plugin is from the good folks at, it takes a few seconds to install and you go to your settings area to configure it.  That takes perhaps another few seconds.  The easy way to install the plugin is to go to your plugin area, click on add new and search for printfriendly and just click install.  You can also download it manually at the PrintFriendly WordPress Plugin Home Page.

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    Awesome! I hadn’t thought of adding that functionality. Great idea.

  • Tomas

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    There is similar site at which do web page to pdf conversion. It even do not need to print web page, PDF is good format for information archyve and later reading on PC, kindle and other devices.

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