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November 9, 2011

Episode-39- SEO or Just Blow and Go?

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Considering SEO (search engine optimization) was my entire life about 10 years ago you might expect me to come down on the side of highly aggressive and technical SEO, you would be wrong.   While I find SEO to be important and something most site owners do wrong I also feel it is highly secondary to content creation.  Consider that every second you spend on SEO activities is one less second for you to be spending on content creation and interacting with your community.

Tune in today to learn my thoughts on content creation vs. SEO, then tune in tomorrow to hear the components you really do need to do and you need to do right.

~  Jack

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    Totally agree with asking for link exchanges. It is so much more important to build a relationship, build up a great link exchange through a blog post or whatever, which is far more powerful than just placing a link on a website.

    Content IS King. As long as you have an audience that is ready to listen. It’s simple to find that audience, too, as long as you have unique, awesome content ready to be devoured.

    Spot on, Jack! Great episode!

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      @Morgan, glad you added this part,

      ” It’s simple to find that audience, too, as long as you have unique, awesome content ready to be devoured.”

      A good friend was just asking me for some links to get a new site off the ground. He has dozens of sites and very little frequency on any of them. Small feeder sites are fine for what they are but when you build them you need to know that is what they are, build them swiftly, turn up a few links and let them be and GET back to making awesome content.

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    You’re making me LOL today Jack.. I get so many emails for link exchanges, particularly for my CC site. Not sure why.. I don’t necessarily consider my site the HOT SPOT to be. I have other blogs that actually have more traffic and are monetized.. who knows.

    As a web gal, I help folks drive traffic to their sites, so I do put a lot of SEO work in at the beginning and it helps. But in my work it’s a different world because most of my clients are municipalities and local businesses who are trying to establish a web presence to promote their business locally. They are basically like the guys who name their business “AAA Auto Repair” in hopes of being at the top of the Yellow Pages ad and hopefully get called first.. Local businesses use Google like we used to use the yellow pages, trying to be first in line when someone searches for a generic term in a particular zip code. For the niche marketer, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Give people a reason to find you instead of worrying so much about whether you have stuffed enough key words in.

    Social networking has become a good avenue for me, particularly facebook (which I swore I’d never EVER use). I’m working on upping my content as you suggested and since I have a new project coming online I spent a lot of time this past week putting one of my blogs on “auto pilot” with content that will post regularly (GOTTA LOVE WORDPRESS).

    I think relationships are KEY these days. If I put up a link to someone’s site, I’m basically saying 2 things to anyone who might consider clicking on it… 1) this is a place worth going to and 2) this is a person I’d do business with. If I can’t say that, I probably won’t even entertain the idea of sharing a link. I hope that doesn’t sound crass, but it’s kind of my mindset right now.

    Enjoying these episodes, your insights always make me stop and think about what I currently do and how to improve upon it. Thank you for that.

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