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January 6, 2012


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Now that you have found me stay in touch. I put out great new content everyday in the form of articles and podcasts and some times youtube videos.  If you want to simply get an email each time I post a new podcast or article you can just fill out the form to the right.  I never share your info and honestly I almost never send an email other than the notices that there is something new here at my site.  It is just easier on everyone that way.

Email not your thing?  Then consider one of the follow other methods to stay up to date with Five Minutes With Jack

  • Subscribe on iTunes – Even if you don’t use an iPod or iPhone anyone can download and use iTunes for free.  iTunes usually has our new episodes up with in minutes of when we publish them.  If you are not seeing an update in iTunes for us, try right clicking on the podcast in iTunes and selecting “update podcast”.
  • Like Us on Facebook – Generally when I post something new I trek on over to Facebook and post about it there.  I also share cool things going on in the world of business with my FaceBook fans.
  • Follow Me on Twitter – Be warned all my blogs are tied into one twitter account.  I use twiter the way it is meant to be used as well, for fun and sharing stuff.  So you might catch me tweeting about The Pittsburgh Steelers or one of my other businesses.
  • Get Five Minutes with Jack on Your Zune – Oh I get you man, you are a rebel!  No iPhone for you instead you got a Zune from Bill Gates himself.  Awesome well we can be found in the Zune marketplace as well.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel – Well you will only get updates of my videos then but I try to put out a video on something cool about every other week so hey, subscribe to me there too.
  • Join Us On The Road to 100K – Okay this one isn’t really a way to “subscribe” to me but hey I have your attention and the forum just plain kicks ass.  We have a forum where spammers are smacked down before they even hatch from an egg, real entrepreneurs help each other out, no fast money con artist bullshit.  The Road to 100k is real, a walk with individual entrepreneurs on the road to freedom, a 6 figure income independent of a j-o-b.  I did it and I want to help you do it too.

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