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Episode-99- How to Effectively Gain Relationships and Sponsors Part 1


So on Monday I told you how NOT to reach out to other site owners for links or reviews, etc. I realized though that my rant while likely entertaining really didn’t tell you the right way to do things. So today I am making that right. Not only will I tell you how to […]

Episode-83- Effectively Selling via Affiliate Programs


Affilate Marketing Can Rock – If You Do It Right!

Today I am going to tell you quite a few things…

1. Why you might not even be presenting your affiliate banners to many of your visitors

2. The revenue results of JackSpirko.com for Jan. 2012

3. Why you have to make your […]

Episode-64- Part Two of Monetizing Your Website


Yesterday I got an email making a suggestion that I do an episode on Aweber and put a button next to my Aweber banner so people considering buying it would be more likely to do so. It was a WELL DUH moment. How about using video to market all your affiliate programs. Tune in […]

Episode-44- Monitizing a Website With Multiple Income Streams


So I got a lot of requests on this topic in the past few days. I keep telling you not to build your primary income streams on third party systems such as AdWords or Amazon, it is fine to make some money with them but the core of your revenue should be some form […]

Episode-21- Using the SEO Smartlinks WordPress Plugin


SEO Smartlinks is one of the most powerful plugins for WordPress and its use goes far beyond SEO. This episode shows you how to use this plugin to promote affiliate links, optimize for SEO and create convenience for your site visitors.

Some things you can do with SEO Smartlinks

Build links for affiliate programs […]

Episode-9- The Importance of Branding and Personal Brand


Most small business people and definitely most individuals with blogs, forums, podcasts etc really tend to miss a few things when it comes to branding. The problem is most evident with affiliate marketers who sell via programs like ClickBank and Amazon or use 3rd party advertising like adsense or kontera as a primary […]