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August 9, 2010

Episode-19- Building Links with Article Marketing

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I received the following question from one our members here at…

“Jack, My #1 mission with my blogs is to always provide quality content. Give readers a reason to want to come back. That’s my main focus at the moment in the infancy of my blogs. I do want to earn some money (of course) but I try for now to stay focused on providing quality content.

But I also understand the importance of driving traffic to your site. What are your thoughts on using sites like to drive traffic to your main sites. I’ve heard some say you should post 80% of your articles on ezinearticles with links back to your sites and try to write 100 ezinearticles in the first month or 2.

I know being an entrepreneur is hard work, but is this really what it takes. I’m kinda leaning towards the philosophy of building a loyal group of followers over time by providing quality content. Sorry this is so long….hit me back if you get a chance.”

This video is my response to that question along with questions like, What effect on traffic and search engine ranking does building links on sites like have on your site?  How many articles should you write for such sites?  How much is too much?  Why should you spend more time writing for your own site than a third party site?

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